Taking Care of Your Jetski

Whether your jetski is for water sports or for family fun, it’s of utmost urgency for you to be sure to take care of your jetski through maintenance and care. It would be a pretty serious issue if you or one of your family members were on your jetski in the middle of a body of water and the jetski stops running. In order to try to avoid this, there a routine maintenance steps that will prolong the life of your jetski.

First of all, find a reliable business who can supply jet ski storage in Reno. Before storing the machine, be sure to drain all the water from the engine as soon as you remove the jetski from the water after the last ride of the season. Right before putting it in storage you should wash, dry and wax it to be sure it is protected from algae build up during the storage season.

Be sure to check the fuel. Filling the tank will prevent any condensation from getting in the tank while it is stored. Once the tank is full, top off the gas with a stabilizer. Be sure to follow the product instructions. After the stabilizer is in the tank, run the engine three times for thirty seconds each time in order to spread the stable fuel through the motor.

Remove the air cleaner. After this is done, start the jetski up and spray a fogging oil into the carburetor. When the engine stalls out, you have completed this step. Fogging oil should also be sprayed into each spark plug hole after you check to make sure that the wires are all grounded in each hole.

During Winter months, you don’t want the battery on your jetski to get cold. When removing the batter on your machine you should disconnect the negative wires first followed by the positive. Remove the battery from the jetski. The battery should be stored for the cold months in a dry and warm storage area. Your garage or basement are recommended storage areas. Each month that the batter is in storage, you should remember to maintain the battery as well by checking the water levels. Attaching the battery to a trickle charger is a good idea as well.

The last thing you want is to go back to your toy when the weather has cleared and the warm temperatures are returning and find that some sort of rodent or bug has decided to build a family in your tail pipe. If you stuff a rag into the exhaust before you put the jetski in storage, you can avoid this from happening.

A jetski can provide endless hours of water fun for the entire family and your friends. Take care of your special toy during the Winter months so that you can continue to enjoy the fun when Summer sun peeks through.

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